May News – Deadline 25th May for GDPR – will you be ready?

Deadline 25th May for GDPR – will you be ready?

For many if not most of us, one mega challenge for 2018 so far can be summarised in 4 letters “GDPR” i.e. General Data Protection Regulation, which has a deadline of 25th May 2018. Put simply this means that after that date any “misuse” of the personal data of any EU/EEA resident is punishable by (potentially large) fines. As we all start our final rush to get ready for GDPR, these are the key trends I’m seeing among those I see managing best so far:

Sounds scary and maybe a bit dull and bureaucratic in places (and to be honest it can be 🙂 but it’s all for good in the end i.e. a future where we all control our own data, for much better life and brand experiences … well that’s what we hope for anyway! There’s still time to prepare fortunately, as long as we prioritise our approach. So even if you haven’t had much time on this yet, let’s all start right now!

For those needing help I now offer a GDPR prep solution package covering key documentation, processes, training plus remote support for your GDPR journey for up to 12 months. This starts from £99 for the online package and from £249 for the ‘face to face’ package. Tell us you found us on our good friends’ Bluetree Recruit’s website and we’ll throw in an extra 5% discount

Maurice ‘Big Mo’ Flynn is helping 50+ companies prepare for GDPR and has written several books on the subject. He is a recognised expert in his field and actively supports the DMA, PRCA, CIM, LinkedIn & more!

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