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“Claire is an exceptionally attentive, interested and understanding recruiter”

Michael O'Mahony - Content Editor | UX Copywriter

Claire is an exceptionally attentive, interested and understanding recruiter.  Any question I ever had, Claire was available to talk. She never ducked a phone call, and always kept me up to speed on development in a long-ish recruitment process. She is open, honest and easily the most helpful recruiter I’ve come across. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

“The best recruiter I’ve ever met”

Miguel Herrera, Digital Designer

Jessica is a really great recruiter, intuitive and dedicated.  She is the best recruiter I’ve ever met. I’d highly recommend her to any candidate seeking a new opportunity or client.  Always puts the time in to research roles.

“I cannot recommend Jessica enough”

Roxanne Pointu, Account Manager

Jessica has been an excellent recruiter to work with, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for their next career step.  She was proactive in her search, really listened to the specific roles I was interested in, and was very conscious of finding roles that would ensure I had the work/life balance I needed.

The thing that struck me most about Jessica was that she took so much time in going through options for me, and always, always replied to my emails.

I cannot recommend her enough, and will definitely keep in touch.

“A friendly and truly genuine team”

Chris Tallant, Senior Designer

I couldn’t recommend more highly. A friendly and truly genuine team who have a great professional, yet personal approach to recruitment. They kept me informed throughout the application process and offered support throughout in securing a fantastic role. Thank you again.

“I had a great experience with Blue Tree!”

Emily Lewis, Project Manager

“I had a great experience with Blue Tree! Very helpful and friendly. They kept me up to date with application processes and new roles. Not pushy at all, as you so often find with recruitment agencies. Highly recommend!”

“I just had the best first day ever”

Ruth Azar, Copywriter & Content Manager

“I think I just had the best first day ever! Thanks!”

“Claire has always been thoroughly helpful and professional”

Gareth Vaughan, Integrated Designer

Claire has always been thoroughly helpful and professional whether I needed advice, support or guidance. Bluetree have been accommodating to my needs and we have built a strong working relationship throughout the many years I have known them.

“Couldn’t have asked for better help”

Jamie Gibbins, Digital Marketing Executive

“Couldn’t have asked for better help, from constant one on one phone calls regarding interview prep and techniques to follow up after the interview to see how everything went with a continuous update on the employer status. Absolutely amazing and if ever I was to look for a new job this would be the first company I’d go to.”

“We value Bluetree’s help and on-going support”

Miles Cottrell, MD, topclick

Claire is a great professional, very good in helping topclick source the right candidates for our roles. In July 16 alone we have secured 2 great new members to our SEO and PPC teams. Thank you, we value Bluetree’s help and on-going support.