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Tina Keeble

Posted on: June 1st 2019

Tina Keeble - Valiant Design

Tina Keeble

Founder and Owner Valiant Design

What’s Happening in June with Tina Keeble, Founder and Owner Valiant Design

What attracted you to setting up your company?

Initially it was to be able to create a company that I would like to work at. A place where talent is recognised and encouraged, where we’re respected and rewarded and somewhere I could take my dog. That’s evolved now into far more ambition and a love of learning about business to see how far I can take this – an exciting challenge.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

Two things really – one the transformational effect that the right brand strategy and identity can have on an organisation – we can literally help businesses make more sales, engage their audience. It’s really exciting and powerful and validation of what we do. The second part is seeing my amazing team grow, learn and develop and helping them to do that.

What advice can you give to individuals looking for jobs right now?

If you are entering the creative industry think of ways to creatively stand out – that can be in tone of voice, tenacity or design. Also do look for the culture of a company that you really think you will love being a part of. You will never do your best work if you don’t love what you do and who you are doing it for.

What are you most looking forward to most this year?

We’re getting things in place to properly celebrate and market ourselves in 2020 – when Valiant is officially 10 years old. We’ll also be showcasing a stunning project we’ve been working on for the past year – which I am certain we will get recognised for.

What music makes you feel most creative at work?

I LOVE music with a passion, over a diverse range of genres and can’t listen to anything new and exciting whilst working because it deserves listening too. I can’t focus on both. We have Spotify playlists on the go all the time through beautifully designed Ruark systems. I am happiest in the studio where their playlists are more 6 Music inspired and do not include the wailer scalers (you know – the  Celine Dion, )

What quote inspires you the most?

It’s not really a quote but a little phrase which helps put hard decisions into perspective and gives me the nudge to just get on and do it. I ask myself or get others to ask themselves “what is the worst that can happen?” When we really and honestly think things through, we can often see how it is possible to deal with the worst case scenarios. We can then embrace changes or challenges with energy and excitement and not get held back by fear. Become fearless.